P 300

Technically Superior

Integrated high speed Pulsweld® power source and Gryphon™ multi-servo computer controller provide unmatched stable arc characteristics, resulting in the highest quality welds.  This compact lightweight unit is ideal for all orbital tube and pipe welding applications, as well as  custom systems for automotive, nuclear and industrial applications. 

Powered by Pulsweld® for Superior Arc Quality

The Dimetrics® name has been synonymous with orbital welding since 1967.  The legendary Gold Track® high performance welding power sources are renowned for their reliability and smooth arc characteristics.  The P300™ builds on the Gold Track® tradition by using the most advanced Pulsweld® linear power module.  Internally, the current is adjusted 150,000 times per second.  This provides unmatched current and stability on all materials.  Its unique inverter front end reduces weight and improves the power factor for use with extension cables.  The result is the most advanced high efficiency and compact power source in the industry.  This compact unit will deliver 300 amps of pure pulsed output to the electrode for an incredibly stable, pure welding arc which results in higher quality X-Ray welds.