Model "G" Track-Mounted Weld Head

Full-function, track mounted weld head for 4" (114.3 mm) O.D. and larger piping

Precision electromechanical servos for travel, arc voltage control, wire feed and oscillator

Patented, zero backlash, traction-driven travel carriage

Fast mounting to all Liburdi Dimetrics circular and flat track without latch roller change-out

Jog and sequence controls conveniently mounted on weld head Dual wire, bi-directional front-end wire manipulator

300 Amp, 100% duty cycle torch

40 IPM (100 cm/min) jog speed, 1.50" (38 mm) arc voltage stroke, 2.00" (50 mm) oscillation travel

Wire positioning: Up/Down 3/8" (10 mm); In/Out 15

Optional front-end wire manipulator configurations for most any application

Accepts .030" to .063" ( 0.8-1.6 mm) diameter wire with programmable wire feed rates of 0-99 (0-250 cm/min)IPM

Delivered complete with standard 2 pound, 4" diameter wire spool holder and 35' (11 m) weld head cable.